When You Step in It…

I hadn’t seen the BUNSW pastor’s blog before, but I had my first look today courtesy of Fernando.

It seems the author is someone with a very big axe to grind against Mike Frost.

There was a vehement post on the site, but it seems it has now been deleted. If the snippets here are anything to go on then it sure looks like somebody stepped in it…

2 thoughts on “When You Step in It…

  1. holy crap, that BUNSW blog is insane!

    “The more Satan attacks the gospel, the more we must defend it. One way of defending the gospel is to expose error. One such error that must be exposed today is postmodernism.”

    I keep forgetting that the Modern world view is God’s ordained worldview. I don’t know how the church survived before the 20th century, its a miracle.

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