When Your World Rocks

An Aussie mate by the name of Glenn who is living in the US just got news that his 3 year old daugher Madison has been diagnosed with a form of liver cancer that typically attacks young children.

A biopsy will be done on Tuesday and we’d love people to pray for a bit of a miracle and the tumor to either be benign or non-existent.

Those of us with kids can imagine a bit of how this would feel, so if you want to make a point of it then I know Glenn and family would really appreciate it.

FYI – Glenn is an ex Warwick Church of Christ bloke, living in US with his wife and 3 kids but planning on coming back to Perth to plant a church in the next few years. We have developed a friendship over the last two years and we have really appreciate the way they have supported us.

7 thoughts on “When Your World Rocks

  1. Glenn’s been diagnosed with cancer???!! Oh man, this is the first I’ve heard of this!!! No wonder I’ve been getting nudges from the Spirit to pray for him. And now, I’ve got direction to do so. Thanks for sharing that!!

  2. Just got this news from a mutual friend. I have met Glenn and he is a great guy. Oddly, the Lord put him on my heart to pray for he and his family about 2 weeks ago. But I thought it was just in regard to their build up to do church planting in Oz. But now I understand why.

    Count us as praying DAILY for his daughter. We are crying out to God for them.

  3. Glenn is an old mate of Christine and I from our Warwick days, he is a champ, a man of much character! If he reads this, he can know Christine and I are praying for him and his family!


  4. Thanks for the prayers and support I appreciate it. I know that God has a plan and a purpose for Madison’s life, but it hard when your little princess has a rare liver cancer the size of a grapefruit. Please pass this prayer request on to all you know and those in COC.Thanks again,


    To find out how to prayer specifically for Madison and our family, please see the following site:


    page name “madisongoss”

  5. we have never met but because we belong to the Lord Jesus we are all joined together. I would like to encourage you to take authority in His Name over this liver cancer and by His stripes Madison is healed. The enemy would love to delay, stop, destroy the plans God has for you to plant a church, just keep thanking the Father for Jesus, the healing for Madison and the church planting is already happening. My son when he was only 3 1/2 years old transported himself from a locked room to another room, how?because he didn’t know at that age he couldn’t do that, he believed he could and my husband and I am here to testify he did, Jesus calls that faith, first ask, believe and it shall be done. Miracle working faith is alive and well, keep on believing no matter what you see or hear with the natural man we have Him and He overcame the world by his death and resurrection. All the best and I stand with you in faith Madison is healed to the glory of God and for the sake of planting this church. Love from Lissa

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