When You’re An Introvert But also Excited…

So what do you do when you’re an introvert and not given to bouts of huge emotion – but you’re also buzzing with joy?

Write a blog post… oh yeah…

This morning Danelle and I worked together on installing some retic together and then when we came home the book I have been working on since March 2020 arrived… What an awesome feeling – to finally see your own ideas in print and ready to go out to the world!

I really am stoked at the end result and excited to finally be at this point.

I’m told I need to move into ‘self promotion’ mode now… That isn’t my sweet spot, so I will be dancing to my own beat in that regard.

But for those who have asked (both of you.. ), (mum and dad…) here it is – good to go… Here is the front and back cover.

The journey started in March 2020 and the book arrived June 2022. I’m not sure when the Amazon link will go up. I think you can buy them from the publisher from this link, but otherwise if you want one drop me an email or FB message and I will post one to you. They worked out at $25 each – not sure what postage will be… But I doubt it will be more than $10.

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