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Ok, so the blog has lain dormant for a few days while I have been busy with the Forge intensive and some other stuff.

After many years of being around missional thinking I think I have become desensitised to the impact of teaching that deconstructs old paradigms and offers new ways to think. To me its the ‘same old same old’ now so I need to remember that for people hearing this stuff for the first time it can be quite earth shattering.

Some of the highlights of the 4 days were:

– Danelle’s talk on the priority of love in mission. She was absolutely sensational and we will definitely be using her again at our Forge gigs.

– Hanging out with Hirschy. Al has become a good mate and I enjoy the chance to catch up and chew the fat of life.

– Having a great crowd at the Weekend gigs and seeing the word spread.

Tonight we had a team meeting to reflect on the significance of what we had all heard as well as to to listen for what God may be saying to each of us. It seems the core issue was that of living as disciples and sorting out the implications of that. (Hey – how surprising is that?!)

There has been at least one very radical life change decision as a result and I’m sure more will follow.

Forge finished on Saturday night, but (for a number of different reasons) I finished up with two preaching gigs on Sunday morning – one at 8 AM (ouch!) and the other at 10 AM, so when I got home at 12.30 I was well ready to crash. I slept for 3 hours before heading round to some friend place for a barby and some late night drinks and conversation.

Monday was beach day and veg day. It was a fantastic recovery from the hard driving of the past week and a much needed space to recover and relax. As a new week hits I feel like I am ready to go again.

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