Where to From Here? Part 5

The previous 4 posts have contained the nuts and bolts of what we discussed on Saturday and I share them with you because I m believer in ‘open source’ learning. If we share our stuff then we all grow and we might even develop ideas that help us better do mission and church in this changing climate.

I do share them a little bit reticently because I am only too aware of our tendency to look for ‘models’ and ‘plans’ and easy answers when what we should be doing is seeking God and letting him form the plan for us.

We have no idea how or even if this will all work. It might be that we get 6 months thru the year and change everything – it might be that we have stumbled on something that works for us for quite a while.

I’m not too worried – its all part of the adventure!download american outlaws dvdripdownload universal soldier movie

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