watch final destination 3 in divx

I’m not sure what’s going on.

I have had a shocking headache and mildy sore throat for the last three days. I feel pretty miserable, grumpy and not like hanging around anyone.

Its a real bummer though because today was one of those sensational autumn days – 26 degrees – all day easterlies and sunshine – and I spent most of it inside watching TV, reading and feeling crappy. I also had a good friend come up from Lesmurdie and I found it hard to chat with her because of my lame brain. Ecch!

As well as that its the last few days of school holidays and I was hoping to take a complete break from work and chill out – but this has made it a bit difficult.

We have a team meeting tomorrow night – my brain is so fuzzy I don’t think I could lead a group in silent prayer at the moment!

I have some stuff I am really chewing thru in relation to things ’emerging’ and what happens when this ‘edgy’ movement becomes the next flavour of the month – which I sense in time will happen.

Anyway – Whinge over – as you were.

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