Why Christians Should Talk to Atheists

1. Certaintly. If you have doubts you might as well discuss them – a crisis of faith is nothing to be ashamed of and an atheist is probably your best bet for solidifying your own beliefs around a core faith. Either that or you’ll quit believing but at least you can say you’ve ‘been decisive’!

2. Learning. Learn new ways of looking at your faith and beliefs. After all no one has quite the same level of objectivity (about the specifics of your brand of religion) than an Atheist.

3. Balance. Christians and people of other faiths need atheists. I personally don’t support the idea of an ‘atheist state’ (a very different concept from a state where religious function and policitical function are independant of each other but interractions occur) and I think there is a geniune human need to fill a spiritual void. Religion has taken on this role.

4. Entertainment. Goes both ways that one.

5. Feel free to contribute here – why or why not it might be a good idea for these conversations to occur.bandidas divx

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