Why Do We Put Up With It?

Every single week in Perth the fuel prices follow a predictable cycle.

They gradually drop a little each day thru to Tuesday (which is almost always the cheapest day to buy fuel) and then on Wednesday they jump back up by 10 c/litre.

Its a cycle that repeats every week without fail.

Maybe I’m missing something but I can’t see how prices can fluctuate so dramatically over the course of a week – every week.

And yet it seems to be one of those strange phenomena that we now take for granted. Occasionally I find myself wondering why we put up with it, but then I don’t have the time or energy to ‘lead the charge’ against dodgy fuel prices, so I guess I just have to cop it like everyone else

13 thoughts on “Why Do We Put Up With It?

  1. Hamo,

    The same thing happens here in Minnesota. It drives me mad. This weekend it jumped to $3.54 a gallon.

    Still, we canconsole ourselves with the fact that the oil companies are making record profits. Yep…that makes me feel better.

  2. I have decided to look at it from a positive prospective – if the prices jump high enough everybody will opt to use public transportation, carpool, or walk more which would have a positive effect on the planet.

  3. Good point Sojourner. Lower fuel prices (and the subsequent higher prices for all transported goods) and affordable personal transportation for the masses is not in the interest of those who think the automobile is the scourge of the planet.

  4. If only we didn’t need fuel!

    Is it time that Australia had a good dose of fuel-price related anarchyu similiar to the protests that erupt in Indonesia whenever their prices rise?!!

  5. lance mac, my thought is that stagnation has a way of blocking imagination. We are stuck with the need for fuel in order to live our lives. I’m afraid it will take something catastrophic in order for us to find a way around the fuel problem. I’m just saying that if we put a positive spin on something negative our imaginations will have fertil soil to germinate new ideas – individually and collectively.

  6. We may even find ‘community’ on the come back if they keep going up! People less and less able to afford to travel 40mins a day and forced to live and work with their neighbours…

    Or maybe we won’t, time will tell:)

  7. Also, feel greatful that you get high CITY prices and not high COUNTRY prices:P

    Margs is often 20cents dearer than Perth 🙁

    Driving 100km’s a day in a 4wd is not working for me…might have to look into something else!

  8. James, I like the “community” point. I have noticed in my own neighborhood people are staying home on the weekends more and spending time setting out in front of their garages visiting with each other. This is new since our front porches have turned into backyard decks. Could this be a result of high fuel costs? Hmmmmm

  9. Hamo, you need to learn to be more thankful Here in Wellington, NZ the prices just go up every week, none of this up and down cycle!

    Perhaps we will all get fitter walking about in our local community!

  10. Oh they ‘go up’ here every week too, just that they go up to the price it will be in 3 weeks time on the start of the cycle, and then by the end are the price they SHOULD have been for the whole week!

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