Wife Away

Danelle is off to Bali again for the next week and I am again Mr Mum.

It is her sister’s 40th brithday so she and her other sisters have made the trip across partly for that and partly for the work they do in the orphanages.

So until Saturday I am mum, dad and whatever else.

Might be a quiet week on here!

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2 thoughts on “Wife Away

  1. While she is away you can do all sorts of rash things – like post about the Sydney Anglicans!

    I noticed Peter Jensen was thinking about you today:

    “We have decided to rescue people in the West who want to stand for the old ways. We’ve decided to protect ourselves against this postmodern and relativistic world view that will come our way through the internet and other communicational revolutions.”

  2. As a wise man said once to me,

    When wife is away and one is blogging to relieve a bit of boredom – hold back on the red. This should be in Proverbs.

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