Will I Won’t I?

I have made it a practice to drop in every Friday afternoon at the local tavern, known by the locals as ‘the dump’, ‘the dive’, the bloodbath’ and the ‘shithole’. Very few of them actually like the place – which you would completely understand if you ever saw it – but they still go there because its ‘local’.

Its been 4 months of going there now and I think I really am becoming ‘a regular’. Guys who wouldn’t give me the time of day 2 months back will say ‘g’day’ and include me in their conversations. And on a Friday arvo its often the same guys who front up.

I am making friends and developing relationships – but if I’m honest there are days when I would rather just go straight home on a Friday afternoon. Sometimes it’d be much easier to keep driving and not bother. Today was one of those days. Will I? won’t I?… Will I? won’t I?…

In the end I decided to go. At times I feel like I am doing something that requires some serious effort – its not like hanging out with a few close friends. It really is entering another people group and learning the ropes. That is hard when you are tired, and yet as I remind myself on the drive home, the only way to be a regular is… welll… to be there regularly!

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