Winding Down Winding Up

We left Busselton on Saturday, the first really hot day of spring, and headed up to Moore River to spend the last week or so of our holiday with the in-laws. All went well until we hit Perth and the air condecided to do its thing again. I still think its a really dumb idea to have an air con that cuts out when it gets too hot! I mean when you do you really need it?…

We spent the weekend with the Herdo family, some very good friends from LBC and Upstream days and we enjoyed catching up after the time away. It was good to see my folks on the way thru and Danelle’s folks, whose place we are staying at now.

I think its safe to say we are ready to re-enter normal life and even a little bit eager. So while we hang out in Moore River until this coming Saturday I know I will be gearing up for the next few months of church and retic work. Thankfully the phone is ringing with customers and the ideas have been flowing for church.

So, 5 days to go before its all over… and real life begins again…

Its been a hoot and its pencilled in the diary for 5 years time to do it again, but for now we leave the idyllic and unreal world of travel and re-enter the every day with some sadness, but mostly a sense of anticipation.

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