Wisdom of Mary

From Mary Fisher’s facebook status update:

“Discussions on 1. Muslims & the US Constitution & 2 gay persons and what they face have made me SO aware how much Christians need to reconsider how they think they interpret life and text. I do not believe any interpretation of anything is neutral(including my interpretation of hermeneutics that leads me to say there is no neutral interpretation). So let’s get rid of the illusion of neutrality.”

1 thought on “Wisdom of Mary

  1. Good to hear Hamo. It seems hard for us in the Christian community to find a balance between providing equality to people as people and not condoning actions which could harm others. For example, I’ve come to think (for now anyway) that a defacto homosexual couple should have the same rights as a defacto heterosexual couple in terms of life insurance payments etc., but I could never support homosexual adoption, nor single parent adoption, because of the need of young people for a mother and father.

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