Word on the Street…

Spent this morning at the local park with the kids and then hanging out on the street with a few of our neighbours. Good weather has a way of bringing people outdoors. Sounds like there are changes afoot round our street.

R & C have abandoned ideas of building, are selling their block and will be moving once their lease expires. They feel they are too far from the city. Bummer – I like them!

M who only moved in 6 weeks ago is heading back to country once her lease runs out. She feels too isolated.

M & C have sold their place to buy a bigger one. They’ll be renting back for a while before they move somewhere else in Brighton. Real bummer – I doubt we will see as much of these guys and we have really connected well.

L and her 5 kids are moving into the homeswest house this weekend. I went over to help her and her ex-husband move the heavy stuff in today and was able to chat for a while. He will stay in the old location while she moves up here. Seems like a very earthy woman with a great sense of humour. Looking forward to helping them settle in.

I think the rest of us are staying put for a while longer, but it does show the transitory nature of suburbia and raises several questions for those us trying to connect and develop longer term relationships in the burbs.

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