WWYD Pirated DVDs & Clothing Part II

Ok – thanks for the comments on the last post. Here are my own thoughts.

I believe its wrong to steal stuff – and that’s what pirated DVD’s, t shirts etc are, so I won’t be buying any. Pretty simple.

Then again I was a Christian 10 years ago and didn’t see it this way. So – no judgement on those who disagree. I think we need to be obedient to what God has revealed to us and this is a definite conviction for me. I feel the same way about downloaded MP3s and video. I don’t feel that way about taping the footy on a Saturday arvo. Is that inconsistent? Maybe – maybe its just an indicator of our humanity and the fact that we are all a long way from perfect.

The question of how to respond to the situation is an interesting one though. To give someone money in lieue of what I would have paid for a shirt or watch doesn’t actually change anything. To buy othert stuff is definitely an option. I believe the reason people are doing this black market stuff is because people like me have way more than enough and they need to find a way to survive. ie. the causes are ‘structural’.

That’s where it gets harder because it feels hopeless trying to change the system – trying to influence world economics.

But maybe this is just one example of many where we as westerners need to choose a differet lifestyle broadly to help take steps to fix this problem. In that I reckon Andrew’s suggestion to give the money to the UNOH guys would be the best option because that is what they are working towards.

However I have to say this is pretty much a dead issues for me anyway. I am not that fussed about buying any of this stuff! I’m just up for a good break away from Oz!

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