What would you read if you were on holidays?…

Tomorrow we leave for Bangkok – no kids and a great time hanging out with some really good friends. If its a holiday then I need to take a book or 3.

I went to the local library today and found 3 books that I have been hoping to read. Here they are, as well as one I bought recently:

1. When Jesus Came to Harvard

It doesn’t look like an easy read, but I like its focus on how Jesus would deal with difficult ethical questions.

2. Affluenza Scott has been raving about this so I thought I ought to go read it and allow my consumeristic western tendencies to be radically challenged.

3. Shantaram – a novel that Al Hirsch was reading when he was here a few trips back. I liked the feel of it but have never got around to reading it.

4. Transforming Mission – I read this a few years back, but only ordered my own copy of it recently. i’m not sure how much I’ll get read of this one. It feels a bit heavy.

Chances are I’ll read the novel and forget the rest!

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