Tonight I am going out with Danelle and the other Creative Memories consultants & husbands for dinner.

Danelle really gets into the whole creative memories photo album thing – and does a great job with it. She also sees it as a great way to connect with people and share life stories. I reckon it is ‘her thing’ to a tee.

Tonight we have a dinner with all the girls she knows and some of the husbands are coming too. I often find these things tiresome because I have to get to know new people just for a night, but I also look forward to them because they can lead to the most amazing conversations.

The last time I went to dinner with Danelle and friends saw me deep in conversation with a freemason and it was a great time. I’m not a great small talker (I can do it but rarely enjoy it) so I am praying that I might have some inspiring conversations tonight.

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