I read about these guys in the paper today and thought their work as youth led social entrepreneurs sounded fantastic!

Young people seeking to change their own community and build a feeling of ‘us-ness’ and doing it in fun, innovative ways. You can listen to the founder Tim Kenworthy below share how it came about.

The Be Nice, Be Friends Revolution from Tahlia Azaria on Vimeo.

Ok – so ‘be nice – be friends’ doesn’t grab me as a slogan, but I get the idea and I’d cheer for these fellas anyday.

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  1. These guys absolutely rock Hamo – I heard Tim (founder) present “Be nice, be friends” at last year’s YACWA conference and it would have to have been one of the best short powerpoint presentations I have ever seen – a lot of public speakers could learn a heap from him.

    Also had him come and speak to our graduating year 7 students last year in an attempt to encourage them to be good human beings instead of stepping on each other in the race to the top of the pile throughout highschool and on… They loved him (so did the staff).

    Youthtree also links to TedxPerth – a local version of the TED talks that can be seen on youtube; and Big Help Mob – a flash mob/acts of kindness/service type concept – brilliant.

    It’s so nice to see young people getting props for adding a positive affect to our world instead of the *yawn-type* stereotypical versions shown on the media endlessly.

    These guys rock!

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