For the last two years I have had a deal with Telstra on my mobile where included in the normal $30.00 plan, I get one hour of the day to make as many calls as I like anywhere in Oz for up to 20 minutes. Its a great deal and I use that hour for all of my workaday calls racking up around $300.00 worth of freebies a month.

The deal expires this month and in cruising the Telstra shops they told me that Telstra no longer does the ‘my hour’ thing because it cost them too much.

I am a believer in asking the question, and pushing a little… so I rang the main call line last week, spoke to the computerised woman for a while (computerised woman… now there’s an idea :)) and eventually got thru to a human. I explained that I was about to change to vodafone unless they could re-instate my ‘my hour’ deal.

We tussled for a few moments and then I was put thru to someone who could help me. I now have ‘my hour’ for another 2 years and

a $6.00 credit on each bill. There is no new phone to get excited about, but when you save $300.00/month that’s not such a big deal.

Moral of the story?

Ask the question… and push… you just never know what might happen!

(And don’t be surprised if you hear from me between 9.00 and 10.00 am WST)

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