Heffalump Saturday

Since stepping out of pastoral work where I had a regular day off during the week its been hard to find a regular sabbath kind of day. Saturday seems to be the best option which is tricky because a lot seems to happen on Saturdays.

But today was great. After a cruisy morning reading the paper and taking the kids for a walk to the beach we headed out to see the Heffalump movie again. Make no mistake – this is a great movie!

Its theme of xenophobia is powerful and makes it something you could use with kids and adults very easily.

From there it was home to sit on the front lawn and read, kick the footy with the kids in the street, watch the Ellie and Sam play, chat with the neighbours and just generally enjoy the sunshine. It was one of those days where you really feel like you chilled.

To add to it all the Poms are 6-82 in the cricket.

Its a good day!finding forrester divx

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