Mother in Law Fun

This morning I went and helped out in pre-schoolfrom 8.30-12.00. It was great fun seeing Ellie’s class and spending time with the kids and staff.

The focus for the day was ‘families’ and my job was to help kids draw their families and then write their names. Not hard for most, but for one little girl whose brothers are Ezekiel, Malachi and Zion it was lucky I was there! Reckon they might be religious folks?…

When I came home I thought I was coming to an empty house. I let the dogs in, made myself a coffee and was catching up on email when I heard this rustling in the kitchen – probably my dad’s dog scavenging in the bin again.

“Get out of it you scabby mongrel!” I yell.

A voice yells back – not a dog – but more like a mother in law…

“Did you know I’m home Andrew?”

Val had been changing the plastic bag in the bin…

Hehehe! Chuckle Chuckle!!download tideland dvdrip

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