Worst Ever

I had my worst coffee ever today…

I was speaking at Como Baptist and decided to get there early and have a coffee nearby. I won’t name the venue… but its the closest cafe to the church…

There seemed to be a range of gourmet food on offer so I thought a coffee would be a prett safe bet. The packages of Yahava on the wall suggested they took coffee reasonably seriously.

I asked for a mug of flat white.

I got something that looked like an instant with frothy dishwater on top. It tasted worse than it looked and after 1 sip I was done. I pushed it to the edge of the bench hoping a staff member would notice and enquire.

I ended up leaving and watching the waitress pick up the full cup.

I wasn’t sure quite what to do but I figured it wasn’t doing them any favours not to know about it so I wandered back in and let them know I couldn’t drink it because it was so bad.

She promptly asked “Would you like another one?…”

I appreciated the thought, but ‘no thanks’ I said ‘I’ll leave it…’

The guy next to me seemed to be quite happy with what he was drinking. I guess ignorance is bliss…backwoods the dvd download

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4 thoughts on “Worst Ever

  1. I COMPLETELY understand your frustration. Imagine how they would respond if you did a botched retic job for them. You would offer to re-do it – not ask if they want it re-done. I also know the feeling of being the only person in a café that seemingly does not like the coffee. It’s intimidating to complain in those circumstances.

    On another related matter, if you have a chance to go to Vic Park, try ‘the Imp’. A new café with great coffee and friendly baristas – Chris and Chris. Very affordable also. $3.80 for a topped long mach – opposed to the $5 I was slugged at a well known South Perth establishment for a take-away long mach recently (the dish water variety).

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