A few weeks back I had some strong words

i can t think straight free download to say in regard to the Draft Covenant document for Baptist churches. My concern revolved around several issues, but primarily the imagination of church that undergirded the document and that was expressed by ’40 adult members’ being seen as the minimum number for admission to the denomination.

I wrote to the denominational leaders expressing my concerns, received a helpful letter in response and late last week the final document was released with the number 40 nowhere to be seen.

Hats off to the BUWA for listening to the people who responded and re-shaping the document appropriately. I am sure I wasn’t the only one who had issues here, but it is encouraging to see that the process was effective.

Mixing it Up

This weekend is the Anzac day long weekend and tomorrow is the public holiday. Yeeha!

I was lined up to be one of the speakers at the Seventh Day Adventist Church planting conference in Logue Brook Harvey, when our neighbours on either side invited us to go camping… also at Logue Brook in Harvey right next door. We decided that it seemed most opportune to do both!

So for the next few days I will be sharing stories with the Sevvies and sharing drinks with the neighbours in the next campsite.

We will be tenting with the neighbours while the Sevvies stay in cabins… its been a long time since I have slept in a tent and I can’t say I am excited at all by the prospect of lying on the ground for two nights… tenting… trying not to think about it…

We’re off at 7 am tomorrow so it might be a little quiet around here for a couple of days.watch doctor strange in divx

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download league of extraordinary gentlemen the divx

Forge Cuts From Gospel Moorings

We invited Steve Timmis of The Crowded House in Sheffield to join us at the recent Forge festival and I found his session on Sunday morning very helpful. I have really appreciated Steve’s insights as a church planter and long term practitioner.

Today I was reading the reflections of Johnny, a bloke who accompanied him on the journey. You can read his full post here, but this is a summation of it.

“Forge is a large boat, filled with evangelical and non evangelicals cut off from gospel moorings enjoying the jerks and jolts of the rough seas of dodgy doctrine as if it were part of the gospel ride. There are many lovely gospel hearted people in Forge but I can’t help feeling they have lost their way.” download trois 3 the escort

These are very strong (and deeply offensive) words and I don’t have time to respond to them properly right now.

If we have “cut ourselves off from the gospel” and are ‘enjoying dodgy doctrine’ then I’d really like to hear about it. I am happy to accept that we all have our blind spots and maybe Johnny knows something I don’t.

I’m very open to hearing thoughts, comments and reflections from those who know Forge as to whether we have “lost our way”. No prizes for guessing my opinion, but given that the question has been raised I am happy to hear from those who know us as to what we need to hear.

Sine in Perth

We had a great time last night at Jarrod’s house with Tom Sine and a whole bunch of pioneers and missionaries from around the city. It was great to catch up with some of my old youth ministry friends and to enjoy an evening with some kindred spirits.

Rodney has an interview between him, Tom & Jarrod here

Re-imagine – the blog


We have just started a new blog for those in the forgewa reimagine stream.

At the start of 2008 Forgewa began its ‘reimagine‘ stream, working with 6 established churches who are on the journey of exploring what it means for them to live as a missionary community.

This blog is way for them to share learning, explore ideas and encourage one another along the way.

You are welcome to listen in, share your own thoughts and add to the conversation.

I am hoping that my contribution to this site will be a minor one as those who are actually doing the learning contribute to it and foster the discussion.

Those Christians…

Watched the ‘Heartbreak Kid’ tonite with Danelle.

Had to note down this quote from ‘dad’ as Ben Stiller goes to ‘get his girl’.

“Be careful! This is the Bible belt. These people have guns”

(An average movie with some funny bit and several cringeworthy moments)

The New Conspirators… in Perth

Over Easter I was reading Tom Sines latest book The New Conspirators and loving it.

The good news is that Tom is in Perth this week, staying with Jarrod and the Peacetree crew and doing a few gigs around the place. The pics below give an idea of what he’s up to.



Should be a great time!

Maybe its my Turn- A Personal Reflection on a Change in Identity

For most of the time we have been married I have been the person involved primarily in ministry in one form or another, but lately I have been observing that the roles have been changing and now Danelle seems to be the primary ‘minister’ (or insert whatever word you prefer)

Up until 2002 we were based in a local church and I was a pastor. I was theologically trained and in a system that preferred men as leaders (although the church I was in saw women as equals) so inevitably I was the one who would earn $$$ from it and spend the bulk of my life in it.

However the last 4 1/2 years have been quite different and I feel myself slowly sliding out of the ‘primary minister’ role and watching Danelle slide more naturally into it. We have moved from a medium sized church setting with all the bells and whistles to a missionary team setting with no sign of bells and whistles and I have much less to do. In a more programmatic environment with staff and volunteers to oversee, more admin and a regular preaching role I had stuff that I could do, but in a local community where ministry is relationship based, relaxed and often chaotic there is much less control over the environment and much less to organise or lead.

In fact very little at all…

Then there is the question of where the line is between ministry and friendship (buggered if I know or care these days) and a person who had found his identity in ‘pastoring’ could easily feel quite at sea. I know I have felt that way plenty of times as I have tried to figure out who I am in this new place.

We are currently in an environment that is perfectly suited to Danelle’s temperament and make up, but less so suited to mine. Danelle loves just hanging out with people and I like accomplishing something. Not that those two are as mutually exclusive as I just made them sound, but our lives here have been much more so suited to her talents.

So lately I have been reflecting on whether its my time to support her in the things she does and to free her up to do more of what she does well.

Truth be told I think we have slipped into that mode at present and this is a less of a question and more an observation.

As I listened to Wayne Carey share his post-football identity crisis I felt a little bit of resonance. There is a sense in which my identity has been tied up in the professional minister role for nearly 20 years and to feel that drifting away evokes an uncertain response. Part of me wants to re-claim it in some way and part of me feels that maybe there is stuff to be learnt in a space that I won’t get hold of if I hang on tight.

So its an interesting place to be in.

A little disturbing, a little disorienting also, but at the same time a sense of adventure as I walk down a path that is continually shifting and re-forming. I’m not sure where it will lead, but I am aware of the shift occurring. I actually don’t feel any less a sense of vocation or calling but the way that is being expressed at this point in my life is quite different…

Anyway that’s FWIW, as I imagine others may have had similar shifts.